Card Betting Mental Game

If you like playing… If you like winning…

Don’t depend on luck alone.

Test your skills with this exciting game where the best player always wins.

Two players, the same cards, the same chances, 4 minutes, only one winner… Will it be you?

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The game of the XXI Century


Scont. The 21st century game.

The speed of the game, its social character and all the fun it offers while you train your brain make Scont the perfect game for all mobile platforms.

The rules of the game are simple. Learning is easy. But being better than your opponent… that’s completely up to you!


  • Intelligence 90%
  • Memory 75%
  • Luck 20%
  • Intuition 60%


One game lasts 4 minutes of intense excitement. In such a short time you will enjoy many different emotions. In such a short time Scont will reward the best player by giving him the Victory.


Scont is a completely mental game as luck is reduced to a minimum. This makes you train and improve your intelligence, memory and intuition while you are playing.

1 vs 1

Two players but only one winner. Challenge your friends with this thrilling game where the fun is guaranteed.

Easy lo learn

The rules of the game are very simple. Learning to play is very easy and if you want to beat your opponent… you just have to keep training!

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